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On August 16th 2016, Ralph and I set off for what is probably my most favorite lighthouse in NC. Knowing we had a full moon and just a few scattered clouds we hoped to capture some photographs of the lighthouse with a rich starry night in the background.

There were scattered rain clouds in the forecast, so we had a 4.5 hour drive ahead of us with no idea if the trip would turn out to be fruitful. 

We arrived at Bodie Island Light around 10pm, and got to work. As the wind was low and we were on the sound side of the island, the gnats were thick and heavy. After a few minutes however the gnats didn't bother us, they were still there but the scene was so beautiful that we didn't notice them any longer.

Luckily for us, the moon, stars, clouds, and weather all worked to our advantage. We were able to capture some truly magical photographs that for me show the Outerbanks for what they are. Magical, isolated and beautiful.


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