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Camping URE with Jeff

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"Time camping isn't spent, its invested"

There are very few things in life as relaxing as primitive camping. A crackling fire, a great conversation, and even better friends. If you haven't been camping in a while (or ever...) you owe it to yourself to pack up and pack out.

The thing I love most about camping is unplugging from life; funny, I know. I carry a great whacking d750 with me everywhere I go, but still, my camera can't receive texts and that's good enough for me.

You see its not about what you do, what you eat, what you say, how you sleep, or even who you are. When your in the woods the only thing that matters is who your with.

Who Ralph and I were with this time was our good friend Jeff Jaminia. Now Jeff has some rather strong opinions on a lot of subjects and we disagree on most things. As far as I am concerned that makes for a great trip and great conversations. Things get awful boring when your always on the same page with someone.

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Now Jeff drives a Yellow Nissan Xterra, henceforth known as The School Bus.

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 He is very proud of The School Bus, and as such I can't help but give him a hard time about it. The Plan for this trip was to go out to URE (Uwharrie Nat'l Park) and do a little off-roading, a little camping, and catch up on some Bro time.

Jeff likes to be prepared; his School Bus is loaded down with everything you would need to die a terrible death on day 3 of a month long survival trip. Because of this Ralph and I tend to pack our own kit (I don't particularly care for dying in the woods)

Jeff was sure to spend as much time as possible telling us all about how The School Bus can go where other vehicles cannot, and that is precisely why we are able to camp in this park. He was sure to mention that you absolutely need significant ground clearance and 4wd at a minimum to be able to get out here.

That's when we were overtaken by a dirtbike...

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That said the Big yellow School Bus performed admirably. It got in (and out) of all the places we  shouldn't have been able to. Additionally it brought us back to camp short of a couple brain cells.

On the ill advised off-roading trip we took that night a 3 gallon gas can spilled in the back of the truck. We had little choice but to complete the remaining 2 hours of the trail in a very fumey-fuel saturated bus.

Afterward we built our campfire, made Smores like children; and shot the breeze as all great campers must.

I love camping, I love my friends, and I love being unplugged, try it sometime, you might just find you love it too.

Thanks Jeff; perhaps your Xterra isn't so bad after all.


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