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All images shot on the D750 and 180mm 2.8D

There's nothing like a warm summer evening. Everything is in full swing, people are out and about enjoying life and looking for adventure. There is always somewhere to go and something to do. 

One of my favorite past-times during summer is to take in a local baseball game. It feels wholesome and uniquely American. With the Forth of July on the way, it feels like everyone is gearing up in late June. 

It doesn't really matter who the home team is playing, or even what the score is. It is about being there, in the crowd and in the moment. It's a great way to relax, unwind from the day and get lost in the sport.  

I personally like to use the opportunity to test out equipment. Being a photographer it seems like honing my craft is a never ending journey. In order to stay sharp you need to practice, practice, practice. 

However, from my spot near the opposing teams dugout, it doesn't really feel like practice. It feels a lot more like pleasure. 

He's definitely up to something...

I have never really been into sports, probably because I have never been particularly good at any. So it's sometimes difficult to explain why I enjoy baseball so much. It you watch your sports on TV you will miss out on the entire point as far as I am concerned.

The game itself is only a small part of the overall draw. A much bigger part is the venue, you watch baseball for the sake of baseball, you go to a game to be in the crowd. 

That crowd is made up of Fathers and sons, Mothers and Daughters, lovers and laughters, new friends and old. Ive never run into someone at a baseball game that I didn't like. I might not know a single person in the stands, but would bet I could be good friends with any one of them if I tried. 

Baseball seems to attract a different type of person than the hustle and bustle of the workday. Things move at a slower pace, as if the outside world has fallen away for just a couple hours. 

Part of what I like so much about college level baseball is that it is more accessible. Major league players and teams are unapproachable, where as your local team is made up of folks from your community. You know these people, they go to school with your neighbors. 

For that reason you'll feel a stronger connection to the team and its ballpark. 

The competition can be fantastic as well, the players are working toward professional careers in the sport so you can be sure they try every bit as hard as the household names your familiar with.  Its great fun to pick a favorite player on your first game of the season and watch them develop throughout the remaining games. 

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Take your Kid out to the ballpark, get them some peanuts and cracker jacks...

So come on, grab a hot dog and join the crowd. Its a great way to spend your open summer evenings. 


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