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A total solar Eclipse is a very special event. The ancients believed it was a sign from god, even today, people stop and stare in awe and will travel hundreds of miles to view it from within the path of totality. 

The path of totality is the thin section of the Earth in which the sun is entire blocked from view by the moon. For the viewers of this phenomenon this offers a rare opportunity to view the corona of the sun with the naked eye. It is worth pointing out that however that only the total phase can safely be viewed without eye protection (regardless of who you are, even a powerful political figure could have his retinas burned to a crisp within a few moments if he was careless enough to look at it unprotected)

Considering the rarity of this event, and how close it was to us, Ralph and I quickly decided it was well worth photographing. We set out from Smithfield Nc and drove to Sumter Sc to set up at a Walmart.

Walmart offered a large parking area, access to both food and bathrooms, and importantly, a rather small crowd at the time. For most of the day we were treated to fairly dense clouds. The wind was pushing them along at a pretty good pace so we hoped it would clear up for us by the total phase.

As it turned out we would be one of the only ones to get a clear view on the eastern side of the country. For most of the rest of the Eclipse watchers those clouds would obscure almost the entire event.

So without further ado, here are a couple of frames from the event, I have included a few composites to illustrate how it looked to the naked eye as well as the entire event.


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