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Mosquitoes everywhere, the size of small helicopters. We have had so much rain over the last week in North Carolina that their population is exploding. There may be more stars in the sky than grains of sand on our planet, but there are also more mosquitoes in this field than stars in this image.

We had around a 14 hour ride with no guarantee of success, when I left for the beach there was around 25% cloud cover overnight with a chance of rain. This was the best chance this entire month, and considering this image is only possible for a couple of hours over a couple of days between April-June while we have a new moon;  this was the chance I was taking.

Luckily we arrived and found the clouds moving out; it was clear with minimal haze.  I walked the grounds and took a couple images before midnight, my time window was around 12-1am to get the Milky Way in this position cutting through the Lens of the Lighthouse.

We were ecstatic to find that the storm moved offshore and the conditions were perfect as the Milky Way rose into position. I captured a series of 45 images that were later stitched together into this 170 degree perspective.

I am very pleased with how this image came together. I will for sure make it down next year to capture another.

Video here - 




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