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D750 20mm 1.8g 1/4000 sec. F/2.0

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State Fairs; they are a crowded, loud, tiring string of live action pop up ads for things you don't want or need. Except for turkey legs of course, we all need those; and candied apples, and sweet corn, and..... you know what? The state fair is one of my guilty pleasures. And what's more, I don't care, I can be honest with myself.

The State Fair is a dodgy affair (he he); it can be dirty, and the quality of the food can be questionable; also the games are outright rigged. However the things that make the state fair terrible also make it great.

D750 85mm 1.8g 1/200 sec. F/3.5

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love blending into a crowd. As a photographer you always seem to stand out, everyone either wants to be photographed or definitely does not want to be photographed. It makes you stand out, especially if you have a tripod set up for long exposures.

The great thing about photographing at the fair however is due to the crowds, noise,  low ambient light, and bright flashing lights it's hard to get noticed. You can work in peace while surrounded by subject matter.

I tried street photography, and for a while I really liked it, but as the years pass I find the things I liked about street photography are easily found in event photography.

D750 85mm 1.8g 1/400 sec. F/1.8

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I like to photograph things that stand out, without trying.Not everything needs to be the best ever or largest or most expensive. in a world full of click bait and over inflated hype stories, can't something just be interesting without competing for attention?  

D750 85mm 1.8g 1/30 sec. F/3.5

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D750 20mm 1.8g 2.0 sec. F/11

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These rides have been a mixed bag the last few years, most of them have lights out in a couple spots that made me not photograph them. funny enough now that I am back home thumbing through the photos I wish that I had photographed them. I think they would have been interesting in their own right. 

It shouldn't need to be perfect to be worth the time to photograph it.

I made a mistake by overlooking them. Next year will be different.

-B. Greene

D750 20mm 1.8g 1.6 sec. F/16

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